GSM is offered as “free” and “registered” version. Mails sent with the free version will have a line in the bottom with “powered by GSM” or another text from a sponsor. If you are using GSM in commercial or professional purpose you may want to remove this link – that´s the registered version. As registered user you also will have a priority service and full access to upcoming features.

You can register a single email addresses – or – your entire domain (wich is used in gmail) for all of your email addresses with this domain. A domain registration covers all of your email addresses without limitation.

  1. Enter in the registration form below …
    • for a single email registration enter the email addresse which you want to use with GSM. Normally your main email address (not alias email addresses!).
    • for a domain registration enter (don´t enter here a @gmail address!)
  2. Follow the payment process
  3. Finished!
  4. Note: There is no activation code or other steps needed!
  5. After 1 minute update and check the license state in your sheet Located in: AddOns > GSM MailMerge > License /Register.


Register GSM for one email address

(1 Year, 34$)

Enter your in Gmail used email address

(i.e: or

Email address

Register GSM for a domain (covers all email addresses with this domain)

(1 Year, 260$)

(i.e: – ‘http’ and ‘www’ is not needed)

Domain name


If you have questions to the registration, please contact me directly: MAIL

Questions & Answers

Q: Is there an automatic registration renew?
A: No

Q: How long does is last until the license is activated?
A: A few seconds

Q: Where can I see if the registration is activated?
A: Open the dialog: GSM MailMerge > License /Register

Q: Is there a registration code to enter?
A: No. After payment the license is automatically activated

Q: Do I get a receipt after paying?
A: Yes

Q: When I prolong my registration before end?
A: Don´t worry, the new period will be added to the remaining timespan. You don´t loose days.

Q: Can I use GSM in all of my sheets?
A: Yes

Q: Can I switch a user registration to a domain registration?
A: Sorry, is not possible.