Version 140.1

  • Fixed the very particular bug with¬† $1, $2 and $3 variable values
  • Fixed identification of false email addresses
  • Ask rating

Version 140

  • Sending progress bar – with cancel/abort button
  • Much faster sending!

Version 139 …

  • NEW “Logs & Stats” feature (Failed to deliver, Mail open, Unsubscribe)

Version 138.x …

  • 138.7
    • Fix: Space characters in attachment names are now supported
    • Improved: Column label detection
  • 138.6
    • Fix: Minor changes and fixes
  • 138.5
    • Fix: Back to old Sending method (138.4 caused many troubles during sending process! Sorry)
  • 138.4
    • Sending method changed
  • 138.3
    • Fix: Comma separated email adresses (more than 1 address in 1 cell)

Version 138 …

  • Filter, another new big feature for GSM. You can now use the regular Google Sheets filter funcion to select participants.
    • Note: They are also needed for the next major feature.
  • Much higher performance (part 1)
    • To check and validate 40.000 email addresses took with old version 51 sec, with the new version: 19 sec
    • Particularly with lower internet speed and large datasets (sheets with many thousand rows)!
    • Faster opening of the sending dialog with many templates
  • Support of international characters as variable namesNote: They are yet not fully supported in Gmail.
  • Template variable allow now space character in name

Version 137 …

  • Custom Attachments (needs a new permission for Drive. This permission is also needed for the next upcomming Filter feature)
  • Due the website update images in ‘How to use’ were not available.

Version 136 …

  • Tracking with Google Analytics
    • Sending
    • Mail open
    • Click on link

Version 135 …

  • Sending with alias email addresses (SendAs)

Version 134 …

  • NEW: Much better embedded image handling
  • NEW: Much better attachment handling
  • NEW: Email templates with predefined cc and bcc. (already in the template entered)
  • FIX: “Not found” error when click on send (was caused be editing a template during open mask)
  • UPD: Several UI improvements